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Follow these simple instructions and MPS-Manual is yours.

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Step №2.

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  • Type your name.
  • Specify the e-mail where I should send the software.
  • Click on the payment link.
  • Type the amount of 555
  • Choose the currency of USD.
  • Click the button “Далее” (“Next”).

Send 555 WMZ to Z152251212836

Send 555 USD to niquitos@yandex.ru

In case the contact form faces some internal errors or you didn’t get the software within 24 hours, please send me a direct e-mail to niquitos@yandex.ru. Speciafy your name, the software you have purchased and the e-mail where you want me to deliver the software.

By placing this order you agree and accept my Refund Policy: because I offer immediate and unlimited acces to my software once payment is captured, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Alexander Nikitin does not offer a refund or exchange software fees for any reason.