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Video #2. Demonstration.

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Guys, a newest version is MPS-4.1 is officially released. Find out what’s new.

From my study of advanced and harmonic patterns I know that the success in pattern trading depends mostly on swing identification and on one’s ability to identify a pattern’s structure. Thousands of traders start their patterns study from wrong end and lose all their money before they even can learn all the ratios. Monster Pattern Search saves your time, efforts and money as it always draws ideal patterns according to classic fibonacci ratios. So, you can concentrate on mastering your skills in swing identification which has the key importance.

Retail Price:     $450   

Welcome discount  price: $427

Save $23 if order now!!

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Monster Pattern Search indicator recongnizes the patterns exactly the same way the hedge fund managers and the greatest successful traders do because it uses the same recognition algorythm. Due to flexible settings it can be fine tuned to show only the most probable setups thus allowing traders to do what they love and not to spend all thier lives in search for trading opportunities. It draws patterns in advance that’s why traders have all time in the world to properly prepare for the trade.

Retail Price:     $450   

Welcome discount  price: $427

Save $23 if order now!!

Level: Beginner to Advanced

A great warrior wins the battles because of his martial arts skills that he practiced for years. Although, he is able to kill an enemy with bare hands, but everytime he goes to war he takes his sword with him to have an extra edge. MonsterPatternSearch is probably the most powerfull weapon one might have in the war of trading. No need to be a genius to understand that it is much better to have it than not to have it.

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Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Pattern Trade Assistant is changing the game. It is truly said that pattern identification is only one third of success. The other two thirds are execution and trade management. Pattern Trade Assistant does those two remaining parts for you so your trading turns into set-and-foget process. It places orders according to the money management you choose, it sets targets according to your preferance and it places stops according to the level you choose. After the trades got triggered it adjusts targets if price exceeds D-point. It breakevens the positions after the target#1 is hit. It moves the stop of the last third to target#1 level if target#2 was hit. It is given absolutely for free if you purchased whatever MPS variation.

MonsterPatternsearch identifies the pattern before it completes

Unlike other software  that only draws the pattern once it has completed, the MonsterPatternSearch software identifies the setup for you long before the pattern has completed. This gives you time to prepare for the trading opportunity.

No need to rush and be afraid of missing the opportunity. Trading becomes relaxed and comfortable with MonsterPatternSearch

The pattern can be drawn as soon as C-point appears. You can even trade the potential completion towards the D-point with BAMM strategies.

Are you and advanced formations trader? No problem, just switch the patterns to advanced. Are you a harmonic pattern trader? You are welcome to switch the pattern to harmonic.

"The greatest pattern recognition software"

Automatically identifies AB=CD, 1.272AB=CD, 1.618AB=CD, Gartley, Crab, Deep Crab, Bat, Alternative Bat, Butterfly, Shark harmonic patterns as well as Gartley, Bat, Butterfly and Cypher advanced formations.

Practice your structure recognition skills with Custom Swing function.

Works on all markets and on all timeframes.

Customize the patterns with Drawing settings.

Do the market research with History Mode function.

Choose your favourite swing identification algorythm.

Choose what patterns you want to be displayed.

Lifetime license.

MonsterPatternSearch makes you feel relaxed and comfortable while trading

There are four trading fears that seduce pattern trader to make mistakes. They are the fear of being wrong, the fear of missing the opportunity, the fear of taking a loss and the fear of leaving money on the table.

You can’t identify the patterns wrong way because MonsterPatternSearch displays only valid setups.

You can’t miss the opportunity because MonsterPatternSearch draws the patterns in advance.

You don’t need to worry about the loss because MonsterPatternSearch shows you the optimal level of where to place a protective stop. Thus you have all time in the world to accept the risk of the trade long before you pull the trigger.

No need to worry about leaving money on the table because you are able to get the historical perspective through backtesting process and see it with your own eyes which levels are the optimal for best performance.